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  • Who is John Galt?

    I am re-reading “Atlas Shrugged” in hopes of gaining new perspective a world that makes less sense to me day by day. I am committed to hearing different voices. I know that I will show respect and will learn from the majority of my neighbors at the bayshore who see the world very differently than…

  • Dealing with the accelerating pace of change

    The world is changing at an increasingly rapid pace; a pace of change unlike anything our brains have processed before. I notice that my friends and family who most highly value traditions, memories, law, the Constitution, etc. have the most trouble dealing with the mental process of accelerating change. I’m beginning to think that the…

  • The new search for spiritual inspiration by spreading the story

    The final blow was when I heard a report, also unconfirmed, that government will step up its financial assault on the few remaining local marinas.