Category: corruption

  • The Power of Government Lawyers

    Today’s news carries reports about president Trump switching to a team of government lawyers to defend him in an active rape case. I feel bad for the rape victim. I found out firsthand how difficult it is when corrupt politicians use government lawyers against you in a case a few years ago “State of New…

  • “Lack of oversight”

    “Lack of oversight by Florida International University, the Florida Department of Transportation, contractors and engineers is to blame for the deadly collapse of a pedestrian bridge on the school campus in 2018, federal investigators said Tuesday.” – UPI 10/22/2019 The tragic story of the 2018 Florida bridge collapse in the news again today results in…

  • The new search for spiritual inspiration by spreading the story

    The final blow was when I heard a report, also unconfirmed, that government will step up its financial assault on the few remaining local marinas.