Start at the bottom

I suppose the bottom is a good place to start. The only problem is that you can only hope that you are at the bottom. God, could it really get worse?

Today I was falsely convicted of a crime in New Jersey. A pretty stupid crime. If I had to choose among crimes, this would be pretty lame and embarrassing. I didn’t turn over records because I did not have them. Why? Because the records were supposed to be for crabs bought and I didn’t buy any crabs. So I didn’t have any records for what didn’t exist. Sounds simple and like vocal to me. But here in New Jersey there must be something in the water.

Jesse’s sunset photos from last week. That’s my place on the left and on the far right.

The day I dumped Facebook

I spent time formulating a ‘go forward’ strategy that includes “going dark” on Facebook. Ifaced at least three lawsuits based on Facebook and I’m weakened and battered.  Blinkist helps. Talked with Lori, dad and John.

blue heron at boat ramp

This blue heron is a daily guest. I wonder if this is the same one that escaped the eagle attack?


farmed striped bass at Whole Foods is tagged. $10 a pound. We have a ton of these here in the shallow water but they are illegal to harvest.


for lunch tomorrow

End of Bayview Road with much erosion

Launch of “After The Drowning”

The book “The Drowning of Money Island” by Andrew S. Lewis is scheduled for release by Beacon House Publishing on October 1. I have nothing to do with that book project but I hope to be involved in a follow-up project. For now, this web site is just a collection of personal notes in blog format that will supplement the public topics posted at

Meanwhile, I welcome the opportunity to schedule a talk about environmental justice issues at the bayshore. If you are part of a group that schedules speakers for meetings in the mid-Atlantic region, I would love to hear from you. 

Tony Novak  302-404-3263