A break from the heat

“Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain”

Vivian Greene

Today, Sunday, is cooler and breezy. The heat and bugs were tough to take this past week. Overall I feel like it just slows down my progress in life. Yet I must work with it, not against it. I did make progress on a handful of projects this week but I’m dragging my feet on getting out to raise investment capital.

I feel frustrated waiting to collect money due to Baysave so that I can reallocate it as needed to other projects. We need a workboat in the water ASAP to pull docks. The boat is done, registered and ready but needs an engine and controls mounted. So far I’ve been patient with waiting. Now I feel that I should make a plan to move forward.

Diamondback terrapin laying eggs along the beach right after a thunderstorm yesterday.

Dragonflies are thick, especially in the reeds and cedar, but don’t seem to have made any difference to the greenheads. Inside I’m focused on the ants and houseflies. The mosquitos are under control after screen repairs.