2nd trailer for After the Drowning podcast

The first attempt at a recording was a disaster. We don’t have a n internet signal strong enough to record a live presentation. So I had to regroup and plan a different strategy.

Episodes will be taped offline using Windows Sound Recorder program or an alternate program for iOS. I will purchase a better microphone. My last microphone was worse than the built in PC microphone.

I plan to follow a Michael Moore style podcast presentation without much editing, It will be more like a live broadcast.

The format will be in three sections.

First, storytelling about the past. I find it odd that I am taking on this task because for decades I was considered the newcomer. There were so many better storytellers. But they have died or moved on without ever recording or writing their stories. I hope to convince a few remaining to record with me.

Next, a section about current activities or future plans. Much of this will circle around the community investment plan.

Last, a Q&A or community feedback time. Initially I will rhetorically pose questions or comments that came up in recent conversations. Eventually I might be able to add voicemail comments.

The podcast will be hosted on Spotify. That’s the successor to Anchor that I have used before, At this point, I do not see any advantage of using Restream where I already pay for service for the accounting firm.

I expect to re-record the trailer today.