2nd trailer for After the Drowning podcast

The first attempt at a recording was a disaster. We don’t have a n internet signal strong enough to record a live presentation. So I had to regroup and plan a different strategy.

Episodes will be taped offline using Windows Sound Recorder program or an alternate program for iOS. I will purchase a better microphone. My last microphone was worse than the built in PC microphone.

I plan to follow a Michael Moore style podcast presentation without much editing, It will be more like a live broadcast.

The format will be in three sections.

First, storytelling about the past. I find it odd that I am taking on this task because for decades I was considered the newcomer. There were so many better storytellers. But they have died or moved on without ever recording or writing their stories. I hope to convince a few remaining to record with me.

Next, a section about current activities or future plans. Much of this will circle around the community investment plan.

Last, a Q&A or community feedback time. Initially I will rhetorically pose questions or comments that came up in recent conversations. Eventually I might be able to add voicemail comments.

The podcast will be hosted on Spotify. That’s the successor to Anchor that I have used before, At this point, I do not see any advantage of using Restream where I already pay for service for the accounting firm.

I expect to re-record the trailer today.

Try that in a small town

I already know what happens when you “try that in a small town”. I faced the bigotry, the rumors, the accusations that I was a drug dealer because I didn’t leave the house to drive to work in the morning, the assumption what I won the lottery because I had money, the legal accusations where I had to defend myself in court for frivolous actions of “wild sex parties” and “housing illegal immigrants”, the antisemitism, and the anonymous death threats. I was followed, filmed, and gossiped about for years. I survived the violence and our small town’s conspiracy to “take me out”. I spent years of what should have been my peak production career and family life recovering basic life skills instead. I’ve been there. I moved on. I survived this small town. I made it a better place for all of us and we’re not going back.

“Never underestimate the bugs”

Bayshore culture has been dominated by annoying bugs. A local gas station owner who offers bits of local wisdom to visitors says that if not for the bugs, our beaches would be lined with high rise condominiums. We have at least five classes of biting insects.

I generally do not notice the bugs. This is primarily because I wear thick long clothing year round. It’s just a habit. The bugs won’t bite through jeans or canvas work shirts. There are other measures to take to make the bugs almost unnoticeable. I usually follow all of these routines.

But this weekend I went outside a few times without covering up. It was probably because I took wet clothes off to dry. It is easier to cool off and dry my body if I don’t get dressed right away, This security camera shot caught me taking out the compost. After two days, my body is covered in bites. I know from past experience that it takes more than a month for the skin to heal.

In about a week the dragon flies will arrive to kill most of the biting flies. It gets better from there.

Trailer for “After the Drowning” show

Tonight I recorded a trailer for a new show, “After the Drowning”. My experience is that a startup show is bound to be loaded with problems and the only way to get through those and improve to a quality product is to just do it.

Unfortunately, the video quality was so poor that I trashed it and will look for other solutions tomorrow.